Jul 19, 2010

Practical Ways to Painting Houses

Painting HouseChanging the wall color is the easiest way to change the atmosphere of your home. New wall paint color will give a fresh nuance.

Painting process is also not as complicated as the renovation. Almost everyone can do it. But to get optimal results, you must know the proper way. Before replacing paint your walls, consider first the following steps.

Selecting paint :
  • Choose the right paint
  • You must use a paint that corresponds to the area to be painted. For the walls, there are two kinds of paint, namely the interior and exterior. Paint for the exterior is made stronger than the rain and sun exposure.
  • Use safer products
  • Do not vote because you like the color paint and the price is cheap. We suggest you choose a product that is safe, that is free poison. Learn their products first. A good paint products always give a complete formulation. Do not forget to also check the expiration date.
  • Select a color
  • Finding colors that can be said as desired bother easy. Sometimes, not every good brand has a desired color. To fix this, you can perform color mixing their own. There are several brands that offer products with your own color mixing. But of course the price you pay is more expensive.
  • Count the number of needs
  • On a good brand of paint, usually listed area of the field that can be overlaid with a can of paint. There are usually a percentage measure of paint mixed with water.

Preparation before painting :
  1. Clean all surfaces to be painted of dirt.
  2. If your old paint is peeling, currycomb first to fall off entirely.
  3. Clear the room whose walls will be painted. Cover the items and the floor with newspaper or plastic so as not tainted.
  4. Prepare equipment such as brush painting or roller. Based paint with a sponge roller will produce a more flat paint outward appearance.
  5. Use a mask when painting to prevent inhalation of chemical substances into the lungs.

Painting :
  1. First, wet your little wall to be painted. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. Then do the painting thinly and evenly.
  2. To paint large surfaces quickly, use a large roller. Brushes used to paint the corner sections.
  3. After flattening, re-do the painting so that the result is better.
  4. If paint splashed onto the floor or frame, immediately wipe with a damp cloth.
  5. Close paint cans tightly after your order has not changed color or dry out.
  6. After the painting is finished, allow it to dry. Do not close the door of the room so the smell of paint was quickly lost.
  7. Provide pieces of onions in a bowl of water to absorb the smell of paint.
Source : ViVanews.com


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