Jul 19, 2010

How to Create a Spacious Bathroom and Easy to Clean

Bathroom Design TipsThe hanging sink, makes bathroom feel more relieved. Also simplify the process of cleaning the bathroom.

Small Bathroom demanding owners to more creative. Adjust the position of furniture and use every corner of the room, so do not feel cramped bathroom. One way that can be applied is to place the sink with a cantilever system. Like the other room, furniture made to hang, make a room seem more spacious.

Hanging position, also make the bathroom more easily cleaned. We can easily reach the bottom of the sink, clean the bathroom. Position to do so also reduces the formation of corners, which is often a place to deposition of dirt and dust.

Storage at the bottom of the sink

In addition to manage the placement of furniture,we must utilize the land properly. Effective land use, also is a solution to make the bathroom more neat and orderly. Thus the bathroom is certainly more convenient to use.

The underside of the sink, for example, can be utilized as an additional storage compartment. Create shelves and small cupboard, which can be used to store a variety of toiletries. Towels, various health and beauty products, and bottles of cleaning fluid, no longer scattered on the floor or around the sink.

Source : IdeaOnline.co.id


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