Jul 21, 2010

Home Decorating With Flowers

Home Decorating With FlowersIn addition to decorating the outside (outdoor) house, the flowers turned out nice also to be used as decorative elements inside the house. Interior decorating (inside room) home with flowers can provide beauty and graced the house and its inhabitants mood.
Wide range of flowers available in the market are imported and locally, but that does not mean the interest of your own garden can not be used as room decoration home. You can string up the flowers are so beautiful views and the light emanating from the florist flower itself without decoration.
All you need is good will and courage to be creative in choosing a container (pot or vase), flowers, fresh leaves and twigs. Flower color is also very positive impact in your life. When selecting, consider the psychology of colors, think back to what the impact will affect the mood of a person.

If you choose the color red, it will make the house more and more exciting atmosphere and warms the body, increasing heart rate and respiratory path. Yellow color represents an energy source that can stimulate your memory and increase the spirit of a family. Green and purple is the color balance, peace and help ease his depression.

If you want a softer color or muted, blue is a good choice because it has the effect of increasing the reflection as well as relieve stress. To give a sense of spirit and soothe tired, use orange flowers. Pink color also gives you peace and free from anger. While the white color is a symbol of purity but also provided peace in your heart.

Various media can be decorated like tables, walls, lighting Chinese lanterns, and other media. You want to create a creative space that can be looked relaxed and casual.

source : architectaria.com
photo credit : baylybattle.com


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