Jun 29, 2010

How to Decorate a Minimalist Interior of the House

Minimalist Interior Home
Until now the modern minimalist house is still favored of people. Houses like this be the answer to the needs of the community who wanted a house which is simple but its function can be maximized.

In addition, modern minimalist homes also becomes a solution to limited land, mainly in big cities. With a house like this pattern, then the function space can be maximized.

But the typical home requires a modern minimalist touch and a different arrangement, especially in terms of planning and remodeling the interior. It is important that feeling of space can still be felt even though the space is limited.

There are several things to consider in decorate the minimalist interior of the house :

  1. Avoid using a permanent room divider. Use insulation to separate rooms will only create the impression narrow. If it is forced to use a partition, choose a temporary nature or accessories only. Function only to separate between the room and not restrictive.
  2. The principle of minimalist design is perfect, fitting, and not excessive. Therefore, choose the form of a clean room accessories, emphatically, without a profile, and minimal geometric shapes.
  3. If you liked the carpet, choose a solid color but without a motive. Complexion like this will make the room seem spacious.
  4. For those who want to beautify the room by adding accessories such as painting, choose the frame of his compositions and simple, without carving or profile. Do not put too much painting because it will make the room feel cramped. Furniture choice is also worth noting. We recommend that you select furniture which is simple with no profile and carved with dark colors, like dark brown.
  5. In the family room or use the game of brown wood fibers. Furniture is also a simple model with no profiles or carving.
  6. For the bedroom, choose bright colors for the walls. If you want to use an accent, wear an accent which is usually behind the headboard of the bed. Whereas if you use the wallpaper, choose the model of wicker or bamboo leaves. Choose a simple style bed and adjust the size of existing rooms. Do not connect the bed is too big because will make a limited space.

Interior design with modern minimalist style of the house needs to be done very carefully indeed. Because the limitations of existing space will bring a narrow sense.

Source : nilagallery.wordpress.com


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