Nov 28, 2010

Interior Kitchen Design of Your Dream

Interior Kitchen Design of Your DreamThe kitchen is an important part of a dwelling house. That's where you prepare food and drinks delicious dishes to eat with the family. The kitchen are clean and comfortable of course add your spirit to prepare nutritious meals for the family. Not only comfortable and clean, the kitchen should also be safe to use.
Every family's dream kitchen, of course, the room spacious, clean, tidy, and fully equipped kitchen making it easier for users to cook. However, what about you who live in a tiny house? Is spacious homes becomes an obstacle to have a dream kitchen?
Of course not. We can have a dream kitchen in a tiny house just by creating a functional interior kitchen design. Below, there are some helpful tips for you who want to have a comfortable kitchen, safe, and clean.
  1. Give the windows and adequate ventilation for the kitchen bright and free air in and out. This is useful if the LPG leak also so you do not smoke filled the kitchen stove.
  2. To save space, you can install a kitchen cabinet set that hung. Choose colors that match with your kitchen equipment for unsightly. For example, shades of maroon or beige. These cabinets can be your message in a carpenter or buy at the store.
  3. The kitchen does not have in the house. The terrace behind the house can also be an option if your home location of the narrow kitchen. The surplus, you are more free to cook. In addition, open space would be safer if you experience any leakage of gas cylinders.
  4. If your kitchen in the house, it's good to invest in buying a vacuum so as not stale smoke.
  5. Select kitchen appliances that fit the size of your kitchen. For a tiny kitchen, kitchen appliances such as garbage cans, chairs, grill bread and other equipment that a modern minimalist design and can be an option.
  6. To stay neat, you can buy some plastic boxes like tupperware brand or lock n 'lock to put food spices, instant food, pastries, and other goods that are not incorporated into the kitchen cupboard.
  7. Do not put too much stuff in your kitchen because it makes it difficult room to move when on the move. Household appliances such as refrigerators and dispensers can you save in the dining room.
  8. Note the safety of your kitchen, especially for children. Keep sharp objects like knives and grated in a cupboard or drawer. Select the table that the angle is not sharp, which is not slippery floor tiles, wall socket should be closed or placed on top and out of reach of your children.
That are some tips for your interior kitchen design, and i hope becomes your inspiration of your dream of kitchen design.

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