Jan 21, 2010

Modern Interior Design Of Maff Apartment By Queeste Architecten

maff apartment bedroom interior,Modern Interior DesignModern interior design of these pictures are Maff Apartment located on the third floor in the attic of a private house in The Hague. Designed by Queeste Architecten.
Interesting from this apartments interior is a contrasting color and slightly vocal point, contras colors seen in a neutral color combination of white and black, the white color on the walls and furniture while the black color of the floor material. To gives different expression in the rooms is with orange color on the sofa cushions that reflect the typical Dutch.
This apartment interior has limited floor space of 30m2 has been equipped with the following functions: a sleeping accommodation for 2 people; a dining area for up to 4 people; a kitchen; a toilet; a bathroom with shower; an installations area; various storage facilities.
Please Visit Queeste Architecten for more information about modern interior design of Maff Apartment

small attic private house,Modern Interior Design

maff apartment kitchen cabinet,Modern Interior Design

maff apartment kitchen,Modern Interior Design

maff apartment interior smal,Modern Interior Design

maff apartment interior,Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

maff apartment small bathroom sink,Modern Interior Design
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