Jan 16, 2010

Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Boys With Modern, Clean And Masculine Expression Styles

Bedroom Design Ideas For Children

When Boys teenagers, the masculine characters begin to appear. Usually they express it in many ways, one through the Bedroom. Masculine impression is usually represented by firm lines, dark colors, and clean appearance. Unlike the women's room, which is usually decorated with lots of curves, motifs, and colors.

For example you can see the photos.

This Bedroom Design is modern and clean look with white domination on the walls, and black on the parquet floor. Paired other colors, like gold in the bed cover and the cushion metallic blue, act as accents, and make this room more "alive".
Dark colors, suitable to apply in a masculine and modern rooms. But that does not mean there can be no bright colors at all. Can apply bright colors, as an accent. For example, the color orange to light red for a pillowcase, and so on.

One more thing, try to see. In this room all using straight lines and firm. There is no tricks on lines and motifs. So not too stiff, add trinkets, such as artificial plants, or let the child displaying a collection of toys. Thus, the room will feel more personal and definitely comfortable for its occupants.
Ok, i hope this Bedroom Design Ideas article can help you for remodeling and can be ideas for your bedroom boys.


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