Dec 28, 2009

Utilizing Narrow Space For Living Room

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Either way to take advantage of a narrow space for the living room is to give the impression of vast, modern and simple design is suitable to give the impression that large at the narrow room.

Following points can be input to give the impression to the living room area (narrow) you:

  • Give the walls a bright color, you can use pastels and try just one color, so that does not seem so fragmented even give the impression narrow.
  • Avoid accessories berkebihan in your family room, especially on your wall, post family photos or pictures of origin may not excessive, a clear impression of crowded will only give a narrow sense, empty impression area impression.
  • For the lighting of the room as possible to get enough light, the brighter the area memebrikan impression, but for the lighting depending on your tastes wrote to the romantic, slightly dim lighting may be home not too dim, so the room seemed cramped.
  • And last and most important is the selection of furniture and electronic goods for your family room to support the simple and modern design and gives the impression area, your furniture should be simple and as much as possible adjusted proportion to the size of your family room, it is recommended to use the custom furniture that be well suited to the situation your family room. For electronics try to choose not to eat too much space and in accordance with the theme of a simple family room and modern.

Happy experimenting, hopefully the above tips can help you.

living room design,interior design tips,interior design ideas
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