Dec 20, 2009

Simple Tips Making Japanese Style Guest Room

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If you wanna decoration or making Japanese style guest room but have no ideas for starting it, below will explain simple tips from Indohome for your guest room ideas.

Making Japanese style guest room, do not require too much furniture. Simply prepare a coffee table and several tatami. You want to add some cushion? Not bad.For example, you can see the living room in this picture. As a divider of space, the floor was made high distinction. Elevate the living room floor to about 5cm-10cm. You can choose the form of pyramid or hexagon to your living room floor.

For wall mirror you can use as an accent and decorative elements. In this picture you can see, one wall is coated with the installation of the mirror using a grid pattern. The mirrors are also combined with sandblast.
In this picture, the living room floor with HDF coating, the fiber maple motif. While banks use the HDF without motive or plain.

Well, now you just put tables and tatami. Set in such a way that fits its location. Add accessories of bearings. You can also add some accessories of the Rising Sun Country nuanced. For example a candle, or you can also display a miniature Japanese castles.


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